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Choosing The Company That Has Your Back Even In The Worst Times?

Without a doubt, this year 2020 is one of the most challenging times the world had ever experienced due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Though some scientists and doctors already warned us of the probability of a global pandemic, we are likely too occupied with other concerns.

In the Philippines alone, thousands of businesses were closed down, and millions of jobs were lost. For now, we can only depend on our homes as our haven to protect and secure us from possible infection.

Fortunately, some real estate developers have already constructed buildings that can withstand calamities such as theft, storms, floods, earthquakes, and even pandemics. Ortigas Land is one of the few developers who already prepared years ahead with essential facilities and luxurious amenities.

Let’s see how established, and trusted developers with serious contingency plans could help you survive in the most unexpected worst situations.

Properties With Different Purposes Works In Harmony

Many real estate developers focused mainly on providing residential spaces. For the few such as the Ortigas Land, the company intentionally planned out on constructing properties that are not only great for a place to live but also to make a living. Details such as the locations and the interiors were all well-thought to ensure you’re best served from residential, commercial, and even to your career needs as harmonious as possible.

Photo credit: Ortigas Land

For example, the Circulo Verde, located in Bagumbayan, Quezon City, provides residential spaces with community amenities. As part of the master-planned estate, each of the towers in the area has gardens so you can still enjoy nature a few steps away from your home. In harmony with community parks, retail stores, a bike track, and even an RC race track, you have a lot of options for enjoyment.

Also, few blocks away are Eastwood City and Ortigas. True enough, Circulo Verde is an ideal place both for busy workers and young families.

Built With High-Quality Designs And Great Structural Integrity

Purchasing or making a downpayment for a pre-built residence will save you more money and secure a property slot. Others want to invest for later flipping or rental opportunity. However, for whatever reasons, you don’t know if the property you already spent money on will fully-comply with the National Building Code.

To get a better chance of getting a pre-built residential that will have a high-quality design and great structural integrity in the future, you should do thorough research and only trust companies with years of proven solid credibility. Much better, especially if you need a long-term benefit, you could look for companies with decades of track records. With an experience of almost nine decades in real estate development, the Ortigas Land keeps improving both in good times and bad times.

Photo credit: Ortigas Land

As one of the pioneers of real estate in the country, the organization was behind the master plans of many huge projects in Metro Manila, such as the Greenhills Center, Ortigas Center, and Circulo Verde. The company continues to create more commercial and residential spaces in its latest endeavor, the Capitol Commons located in the center of Pasig City.

With the list of the completed construction projects, you can judge for yourself that the next projects, if not equal in terms of the quality of the design and structural integrity, will certainly set the bar higher. In these worst times, you can make the best possible decision if you found the most reliable company with proven ethical values and integrity.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Before, having all your electrical appliances and even utilities such as lighting controlled remotely through voice-recognition devices and smarts phones seems unnecessary. Today, with the going pandemic, going contactless as much as possible is essential to lessen the likelihood of viral infection. Here in the Philippines, only a few real estate developers made these state-of-the-art technologies as additional features to their recent projects.

Photo credit: Ortigas Land

Again, Ortigas Land fits the bill as the company seriously considered the benefits of advanced technology with the Empress residential tower located in Capitol Commons. Though currently in the pre-selling stage, this property is designed with smart and advanced living features such as cloud-linked devices, keyless entry, and smart plugs to make sure that there’s less physical contact in operating your home. Using your smartphones or through installed motion detection sensors, you can remotely control your air conditioners, light switches, smoke detectors, and even temperature monitors.

Besides the ease of use of your most-used appliances and devices, you had the assurance that these state-of-the-art technologies also serve as a practical preventive measure to fight against the spread of a disease such as from the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Community To Serves You Best

There are many factors to live a full and happy life, and having a beautiful home is just one among the many to consider. Among the many real estate developers, the best ones not only construct buildings but also create communities.

Ortigas Land, having been through decades of property development, knows that what best serves the customers is through the community. The company is fully aware that no matter how advanced the technology or how strong the foundation of a building has unless you prefer a quiet, lonely residence at the top of a remote mountain, it means nothing if you have no access to the essential facilities.

Photo credit: Rappler

As the company already built projects inside the busy metropolitan community, you’re already located nearby many office buildings and commercial centers. You have the peace of mind for you and your family due to easy access to essential institutions such as supermarkets, hospitals, and schools.

Make The Best Decision Out Of The Worst Times

You probably know the challenge of the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle in Metro Manila, much more with the ongoing crisis. However, you can still live your life to its fullness in choosing a real estate company that can serve you best in all aspects of your life.

Your best life decision might come in the most serious times. Prepare your future, and choose an investment that you can enjoy in the best of times, and help you the most in the worst of times.

Surely, there are many developers with some of the above mentioned lifetime benefits; few, however, have all of them. If you’re looking for the best property, especially from Ortigas Land, I can personally help you find the best options that will fit your needs with flexible terms at competitive prices.

Looking for a condo unit around Ortigas? I am Glenn Dineros, a licensed Real Estate Broker with PRC License # 5171. Reach me +63 977 852 3852 or +63 939 588 9352. You may also send your email at in new tab) so I can help you locate yours.


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