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10 Reasons Why People Love Ortigas

Same with several places in the Philippines, Ortigas was once a vast wasteland until it was developed. As I mentioned before in many of my articles, Ortigas & Company, now known as Ortigas Land, was more than 80 years in business. For such a time, through the relentless development of Ortigas, many Filipinos and even foreigners fell in love with the place, especially for adventurous young professionals.

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Ortigas was located inside Pasig, at the heart of Metro Manila. Next only to Makati, it was the second most important business district in the country. With all the convenience and fun, it’s no wonder why many seek to work and live in such a place. There are countless reasons, but for now, I’ll give you ten reasons why people love Ortigas.


So, let’s fill in the list.


Private and Public Transportation

With all the available public transport and convenient road constructions, it’s the ideal place given that it was linked to many cities of Metro Manila. For commuters, there are UV Express, jeepneys, and bus terminals along the long streets of EDSA. Also, taxi stands were placed in strategic areas, and two MRT stations of Shaw and Ortigas can take you anywhere you pleased.

The malls, hotels, and office buildings also have various parking spaces for private vehicles.


Plenty of Comfortable Residential Spaces

Due to increasing demand, the fast pace of development for residential properties will go on for years to come. Having numerous high-rise condominiums with great amenities ready for sale or rent, many short-term accommodations such as hotels make business travelers have the time of their lives.

Photo credit: Ortigas Realty

You can’t go wrong with the beautifully furnished serviced residence such as The Exchange Regency, as well as the recently constructed CDC Millennium Ortigas, which offers mid-term to long-term accommodation.


Numerous Dining Places

For foodies who love varieties, either you had a limited budget or preferred to take a feast, Ortigas won’t disappoint your cravings. You can always enjoy the usual fast food outlets in the malls. Also, the high-end restaurants from hotels such as HEAT in Shangri-la Plaza Hotel will truly satisfy your taste buds along with your friends, workmates, and relatives.


Of course, you could not miss the street foods; with that, there’s the Metrowalk where you can eat tasty pork barbecues, bulalo, and other meaty goodness, and it’s even open until midnight.


Movie Theaters

With the rise of Netflix and other streaming services, there’s still nothing like the fun of watching on a big screen. For movie theaters located in malls, you can find them in Robinson’s Galleria, The Podium, Shangri-la Mall, and SM Megamall.

Photo credit: Ortigas

Speaking of SM Megamall, it now offers a more exceptional movie experience with the IMAX Theater and Director’s Club. Enjoy a three-dimensional adventure giving you the feel of being in the movie itself.


Fitness Areas

Though Ortigas was one of the most urbanized places in Metro Manila, it doesn’t lack a place to take a jog and other fitness facilities. Many residential buildings, hotels, and malls have a dedicated gym, so you would not miss your scheduled pumping iron. For those who don’t want to spend in gym memberships, the PhilSports Arena has the most convenient rubberized oval track to take a jog or a run.

For other physical activities, you can even try either ice skating or bowling located in SM Megamall.


Health and Wellness Establishments

When it comes to taking great care of your body, fitness is one thing, while wellness is another. No doubt, living in a business-driven place comes with a lot of tension. To release all the stress due to heavy workloads, wellness services such as massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and hair treatments are among the selections.

Salons were placed in malls to easily get the best treatment you deserve. Perhaps, you can try Ace Water Spa if you want to unwind with water activities.


Fashion Stores

Modern young professionals love to dress well. One of the reasons they choose Ortigas was because all the fashion stores with various clothing brands are so easy to access. Either you are going to the office or taking a weekend party with friends; you can have your preferred designs and styles to fit your fun-filled life. From branded shirts to less expensive alternatives, you can get the style to hyped your lifestyle.


Colorful Nightlife

Nightlife is part of the fun, especially for the young and energetic. Life could be dull without the loud music, social drinking, and dancing to night clubs and restaurants that were open until past midnight.

Places like Tipsy Pig Gastropub, Moonshine, and Music Match are just a few of so many choices for a more colorful nightlife.


High-Quality Healthcare

Ortigas is not just a place for great accommodation with amenities to fully enjoy your life. In case of emergencies, the place also comes with hospitals and clinics for immediate admittance and consultation. One of its most notable healthcare facilities is The Medical City, which was considered as a world-class quality in terms of service. In addition, the said health institution has over a thousand doctors from different fields of medical expertise.

Photo credit: Ortigas

Peace and Order

In many populated modernized places, one of the biggest concerns of the residents was their safety. In Pasig, asides from law enforcers, civilians have a part in ensuring peace and order with organizations such as the Citizens Crime Watch.

Also, the citizens of Ortigas cooperated with the government to encourage environmental and social-economic development. Rest assured, you can always enjoy a good night’s sleep, knowing you are in good hands.


What’s The Point Of This List?


With the current COVID-19 crisis that resulted in quarantines and social distancing, not all the reasons on the lists make sense. However, if you already checked my other articles, you can probably justify why you can still love to live in Ortigas.

As part of Ortigas Land, I learned how promising the future of this place could be. I can assist you in finding the best deals that come in times of crisis. After all, these ten reasons will become true again; you might then realize why today is a great time to find a place in Ortigas.


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